When And How Should You Disrupt An Industry?

For 25 years, the founders of Roof Maxx, brothers Mike and Todd Feazel, were roofers. They led a booming business, one of the nation’s largest residential contractors, more than 60,000 projects and enjoyed a solid reputation as quality …Read More

Sustainability and Roofing Expert Mike Feazel Predicts a Bright Future for Solar Technology

Roof maintenance and rejuvenation is a huge market that will be worth $11 billion when it’s fully mature. The need to protect and restore asphalt roofs is recurring — there’s no “one and done” — so the business opportunity is here to stay …Read More

Why Soybeans Are the Next Major Innovation In the Roofing Industry

Like many entrepreneurs, Mike and Todd Feazel started out in an industry with a successful business, in this case, Feazel roofing, founded over 25-years ago. Throughout the years, they’ve watched the industry change, innovation become increasingly accessible …Read More

Roof Maxx Roof Restoration Receives Top 10 Bio-Star Award at World Bio Markets 2019

Roof Maxx, a U.S.-based network of new-breed roofing restoration experts, has received global recognition from the World Bio Markets 2019 conference in Amsterdam as one of the Top 10 Most Dynamic and Inspiring Startups of 2019 …Read More

University Study: Roof Maxx Could Save 5.6 Billion Pounds of Waste and 1.1 Million Tons of CO2 by 2021

Roof Maxx,, a nationwide network of new-breed roofing restoration experts, is helping property owners and commercial developers delay costly roof replacements by up to 15 years through the use of eco-friendly plant-based technology …Read More

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